Legal Framework

In July 2021, the Generalitat Valenciana created the Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana de Investigación de Excelencia (ValER), which was formed as a non-profit Foundation of the Instrumental Public Sector of the Generalitat, created in the framework of the provisions of Law 8/1998, of 9 December, of the Generalitat, on Fundaciones de la Comunitat Valenciana, under the protection of the Protectorate exercised by the Generalitat. The purpose of ValER is to contribute towards the impulse, promotion and development of research and the scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge, facilitating the progressive consolidation of the collective of research and scientific personnel established in the Comunitat Valenciana.

ValER, with legal personality and full legal standing to act in order to comply with its objectives, once the respective deed of incorporation has been recorded at the Register of Foundations of the Comunitat Valenciana, on the 22 September 2021 and it is assigned to the competent Conselleria in questions of scientific policy.

Through the Agreement of the Consell of 9 July 2021, its statutes were approved (DOGV no. 9210 of 08.11.2021) for the purpose of endowing Valer a functioning structure and a flexible and autonomous organisation to comply with its purposes.