In accordance with the indications of the European Regulation on Data Protection, we have extended the information of our legal documents. The purpose is for you to be quite clear about what data we have, for what we use it and what are your rights on them. The FOUNDATION OF THE COMUNITAT VALENCIANA OF INVESTIGATION BY EXCELLENCE (ValER), informs that this web site uses its own cookies and of third parties to compile information for the purpose of improving our services.

A cookie is a small text file which is stored in your browser when you visit almost any web site. Its utility is for the web to be capable of remembering your visit when you browse this site again. Cookies usually store technical information, personal preferences, personalisation of contents, use statistics, links to social networks, access to user accounts, etc.  The purpose of the cookie is to adapt the contents of the web site to your profile and needs; without cookies, the services that are offered by any web site would be notably reduced. If you wish to consult more information about what cookies are, what they store, how to eliminate them, disable them, etc., please contact this link.


Following the directives of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, below we are describing the use of cookies which this web site makes in order to inform you with the maximum possible precision.

This web site uses the following own cookies:

valer-f.esCookieLawInfoConsentThis cookie is used to store whether or not the user has consented to the use of cookies. It does not store any personal data.12 months
valer-f.esviewed_cookie_policyThe main cookie that records the user’s consent to the use of cookies by “accepting” and “rejecting”. It does not track any personal data and is configured only when the user does so (accept / reject).12 months
valer-f.escookielawinfo-checkbox-necessaryRecords the state of the default button for the category of necessary cookies. It works only in coordination with the main cookie. It does not store personal data of users.12 months
valer-f.escookielawinfo-checkbox-analyticsRecords the state of the default button of the category of cookies not necessary for analytics. It works only in coordination with the main cookie. It does not store personal data of users.12 months
valer-f.eswp-wpml_current_languageStores the language selected by the visitor to display the content on the website.Session
valer-f.esls_smartpushThis cookie is placed by the Litespeed Server caching server and allows the server to save settings to help improve site performance.2 months

This web site uses the following third party cookies:

.valer-f.es_gaCookie managed by Google Analytics, it is used to calculate the data of visitors, sessions, campaigns and track the use of the site for the site analysis report. Cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors.24 months
.valer-f.es_gidCookie managed by Google Analytics, it is used to store information on how visitors use a website and helps create an analytical report on how the website is performing. The data collected, including the number of visitors, the source from which they come and the pages, is displayed anonymously.1 day
.valer-f.es_gatCookie managed by Google Analytics, it is used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on high traffic volume websites.1 minute

ReCAPTCHA v3 has been implemented on this website and use of this service is subject to Google’s privacy policy and terms of service. Its purpose is to combat spam and abuse on the website.


You may exercise your right to disable or eliminate cookies of this web site at any time. These actions are made in a different way depending on what browser you are using.

Below we are providing you the links of various browsers, through which you may carry out that configuration:


Neither this web site nor its legal representatives assume responsibility for either the contents or for the truthfulness of the privacy policies which the third parties mentioned in this cookies policy may have.

The web browsers are the tools in charge of storing the cookies and it is from this place that you should carry out your right to eliminate or disable hem. Neither this web site nor its legal representatives may guarantee the correct or incorrect handling of the cookies by the said browsers.

In some cases cookies need to be installed so that the browser does not forget its decision not to accept them.

In the case of the cookies of Google Analytics, this company stores the cookies on servers located in the United States and undertakes not to share this with third parties, except in those cases where this is necessary for the functioning of the system or when the law obliges this to that effect. According to Google it does not save your IP address. Google Inc. is a company that has adhered to the Safe Harbour Agreement which guarantees that all the transferred data will be processed with a protection level in accordance with the European standard. Detailed information in this respect may be consulted on this link:

If you wish to have information regarding the use which Google makes of the cookies, we are including this other link here:

For any doubt or query regarding this cookies policy, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact section.