The Regional Council approves the modification of the statutes of the Valencian Community Foundation for Research of Excellence

  • With the new regulations, the Foundation gives a greater presence to research.
  • The aim is to raise the excellence of the Valencian R&D&I system.

The Plenary of the Consell has authorised the modification of the name and statutes of the Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana para el Fomento de Estudios Superiores (FFES).

From now on, the FFES will be renamed Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana de Investigación de Excelencia, also known as the Valencian Foundation for Excellence in Research.

The reason for the modification is, on the one hand, to give shape to the foundation’s new project, aimed at raising the excellence of the Valencian R&D&I system, with the aim of attracting and retaining research talent, as well as promoting excellence programmes; and on the other hand, to incorporate various regulatory changes.

With this, the Regional Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society promotes this institution to position it as an effective instrument for attracting talent in the Valencian science and technology system, with a special legal regime, international character and full autonomy for the exercise of research activities.

Therefore, with the new wording, the purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the promotion and development of research and scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge for the benefit of society, universities, research centres and the scientific community in general, based on criteria of excellence, quality and competitiveness, facilitating the progressive consolidation of the group of research and scientific personnel rooted in the Valencian Community.

To this end, the Foundation may participate in the promotion of research lines in universities, public or private research centres or institutes and establish collaborations with national and foreign institutions and organisations.

The new Revised Text of the Statutes establishes the aims of the Foundation, among others, to favour the production, promotion, maintenance and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge, as well as to strengthen research groups working in the Valencian Region.

It also includes the development of a human resources policy for the promotion of research; the establishment of collaborations with universities, national and international research centres and public administrations; the creation and management of its own research centres, as well as the organisation of national and international scientific meetings.

The greater presence of research and attracting talent in these new Statutes is made more visible with the creation of the Scientific Directorate and the Scientific Advisory Board, necessary to advise the Foundation’s governing body on scientific objectives and strategic lines of research for the Valencian Region.