Avaluació i Selecció de Candidats


Valencian Foundation for Excellence in Research selection of candidates is based on peer review and has scientific excellence and leadership as its sole criteria. We look for quality not quantity. There are five evaluation panels covering all areas of knowledge, with some overlap to attend interdisciplinary and emerging fields.  These panels are:

    • Life & Medical Sciences
    • Experimental Sciences and Mathematics
    • Engineering
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • Humanities

ValER fully endorses and shares the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (SFDORA), by which it discourages evaluators to rely only on journal-based metrics (Such as Journal Impact Factors) as a surrogate measure for the quality of individual research articles. For the purposes of research assessment, ValER considers the value of all research outputs, including qualitative indicators of research impact such as influence on policy and practice.

ValER is an equal opportunity organization and does not allow discriminatory references to gender, age, nationality, racial group, nor any other possible discriminatory issues. We also encourage evaluators to carefully evaluate the candidate and not the institution. Scientific excellence and leadership are the only criteria.

ValER employees will be evaluated for their promotion every six years.

We want the entire scientific community to be aware of the selection process of our researchers. Thus, we have posted below the guidelines that evaluators receive to carry out their mission, that is, to find the most talented researchers, since only with excellent researchers will we contribute to create a culture of excellence in our institutions.